83-Year-Old Jesuit: Already 100 Days in Jail

Jesuit Father Stan Swamy, 83, who was arrested on 8 October, is still in Taloja prison in Mumbai.

In July, detectives questioned him for 15 hours over five days. Originally from Tamil Nadu, Swamy is an activist for the rights of indigenous peoples in Jharkhand, Eastern India, which is home to 40% of India's precious minerals.

He is the oldest person to be accused of “terrorism” in India, and of alleged links with Maoist rebels.

Swamy suffers from Parkinson's disease. His hands shake uncontrollably so that food must be served to him. He has survived a bout of cancer and three surgeries.

Picture: Stan Swamy © Wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsYztadudnio

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@Cuthbert Mayne You mean this
Cuthbert Mayne
Jesuits in Asia are well known communists. Not to be tolerated. If father is in jail, then use the opportunity for prayers and some Ignatian exercises.