Birmingham Oratory "Forced" Into Forcing the Faithful to Pick Communion With Their Hands

Birmingham Oratory, founded by John Henry Newman in 1849 and known for its beautiful liturgy, announced on August 4 that it will force its parishioners to take Communion with their hands.

The priests write in a statement that they “are very distressed” to inform that Birmingham Archbishop Bernard Longley, 65, “has forbidden us to distribute Holy Communion on the tongue, for the present.”

They will comply with this instruction, "at the present time” but hope that the instruction will be rescinded as soon as possible.

It's fraudulent to take the coronavirus as an excuse for imposing Communion in the hand. No country where this liturgical abuse is unknown, has introduced it because of the virus.

Acquience in tyranny is always wrong.
Tyranny exercised by a bishop is no less tyranny than tyranny exercised by a secular politician.
De Profundis
Anyone can read the official documents which make it clear that Abp. Longley does not have the authority to do this
Bishops are continuing to contradict Church regulations. Communion on the tongue is the de facto method of reception. "In The Hand" is the exception.
De Profundis