How is this not worse than the pandemic itself?

Austria is becoming a nightmare for the unvaccinated | The Spectator

Protests against the vaccine mandate in Innsbruck, Austria (photo: Getty) Salzburg, Austria Across Austria, the streets are alive with …
Evil laws by evil mentalities
Facts Not Lies
Denying the Masters of the politicians their demanded cash dragged from the public by taxation and spent on unneeded shots makes them sad and scardy sheeple gave them power to take retribution.
John A Cassani
@Les Crispi Don’t forget what came before the “pandemic,” that allowed governments to use it to subvert freedom: government subsidized healthcare. And, I would say that the rise of government subsidized healthcare roughly corresponds to the decline in people’s faith.
Les Crispi
also in the USA the government is giving gobs of money to the state governments not only through subsidized health care, but infracture, education, etc. If you don't use the grants, you won't be considered next time. The feds use this as leverage to get their way. Which is why we had a fraudulent 2020 election. THis is how the mafia and Russia operate.
Les Crispi
It was meant to be this way. The pandemic allowed the state to take control for "public health", then they said they wouldn't impose vaccination restrictions, etc., And they did. THe state always does. Once you give power away you cannot give it back.