Self-Proclaimed Priestess Member of Pro-Francis Priests’ Group

Toledo Bishop Daniel Thomas, 61, Ohio, reaffirmed (May 26) that a certain Beverly Bingle is excommunicated for an attempted 2013 ordination and for simulating sacraments since.

Bingle runs the "Community of St. Bridget" in Brecksville United Church of Christ which displays a gay-banner above its entrance door.

Thomas writes that in August 2019 Bingle officially represented the Toledo chapter of the anti-Catholic Association of US Catholic Priests (AUSCP) when renting a government building for an AUSCP event.

AUSCP is a group of almost exclusively elderly and old priests who worship Francis, and on paper expects from its members to be priests "in good standing."

Bishops Thomas "warns" his clergy of any affiliation with the AUSCP but refrains from forbidding it.

LePantoIn.org (June 18) discovered that Bingle has been a AUSCP coordinator since 2014 and has participated in their meetings.

Picture: Beverly Bingle, Toledo Blade, #newsYiuaemiqbk

Novella Nurney
What's she doing? Judging the color of merlot?
Hugh N. Cry
If I didn’t know better, I could’ve mistaken her for a typical bishop.
Alex A
@mccallansteve.>Why not. How about Charade?
Let's play make believe!
Not worth reporting, no longer Catholic...
This is another Christian denomination at this point...I don’t care what Francis says...