Cosy Private Audience: Francis Receives Homosex-Activist

The homosexualist Richard Rohr, 79, has had a private June 20 meeting with Francis, Vatican.va wrote.

Rohr is a Franciscan in camouflage clothing, and famous for his anti-Catholic views on homosexuality, abortion, female priests.

His 2019 book “The Universal Christ” is dedicated to his dog Venus. “Without any apology, lightweight theology, or fear of heresy, I can appropriately say that Venus was also Christ for me,” he writes.

Rohr has co-presided a "blessing" parody for two lesbians. In 2017, he called male and female “more an imposition of our dualistic minds than the nature of reality,” adding that “when Christians label LGBTQIA individuals as ‘other,’ sinful, or ‘disordered,’ we hurt these precious people and the larger community.” It is a fact that the truth often "hurts."

Picture: Richard Rohr, © wikicommons CC BY-SA, #newsAfivnuetmt

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