Francis Receives "Pagan" Blessing, "Gesture of Evangelisation"

Pope Francis “is a man of God and “has God in himself” according to Sister Inés Azucena Zambrano Jara from Colombia talking at the Pachamama Synod’s October 25 press conference.

She told those present about Francis that, “I saw him bend his head and allow two indigenous persons to bless him.” She called this "a gesture of evangelisation.”

However, evangelisation is converting peoples to the Gospel. Receiving pagan blessings is called apostasy.


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Bergoglio received a pagan spell
Gesù è con noi
Bergoglio recibió un conjuro pagano ósea satánico .
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La monja apostata Azucena Zambrano Jara sin temor de Dios dice que participó del pacto marxista de la Catacumba que fue sellado con sangre.
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The Marxist nun Inés Azucena Zambrano Jara originally from Ecuador but working in Colombia. An apostate Missionary Marxist nun of "Mary Immaculate"
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The apostate nun (Inés described the atmosphere at the Synod as one of “active listening… to God, the Amazon, the people, and the pain of mother earth (Pachamama)”. Zenit= MARXISM
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The Marxist nun Inés Zambrano, general superior of the ´Lauritas´ –also present in the Amazon Pagan Synod– comments that “the deep and critical knowledge of reality and the learning of indigenous languages are two fundamental keys to reach these 'peripheries 'geographical and learn their ancestral wisdoms, what the native peoples call sumak kawsay or good living. "
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La monja apostata que habla es la misma monja apostata que ahora la secta marxista nombró superiora de la Madre Laura en Colombia que han caído en apostasía. Esa marxista ecuatoriana hasta estuvo en Chile esparciendo sus herejías.
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1 Timothy 4:1
Now the Spirit manifestly saith, that in the last times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to spirits of error, and doctrines of devils.
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Lord forgive your people. Rebuke these pagans at the Vatican.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
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