Puerto Rico: Did Vatican's Homosex Mafia Remove Bishop Fernández?

Covid injections were just a pretext for the brutal dismissal of Arecibo Bishop Daniel Fernández Torres, 57 (Edward Pentin, NcRegister.com, June 29).

Fernández and Presiding Puerto Rico Archbishop Roberto González Nieves have long had disagreements, for example over Puerto Rico’s independence.

In 2012 under Benedict XVI, the Vatican asked Erzbischof Gonzáles numerous times to resign because he protected homosexual/pedophile priests and supported homosex cohabitations, but he refused and Benedict was unable to follow through.

Of course, Francis was happy to keep the compromised Gonzáles in office who is a close friend of Francis’ partisan Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga who plaid according to Pentin a key role in kicking out Fernández.

Picture: Roberto González Nieves, Daniel Fernández Torres © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsYhvjwuxiga

Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
Sure they did. There nothing but active homosexuals in the VAtican of Pope Francis.....I'm sure 90% of his appointments are.
Hound of Heaven
The Francis messes get uglier and uglier. In contrast, all which is of the Spirit is filled with beauty and joy. If either of those is missing, you are not in the presence of the true Faith.
John A Cassani
Gonzalez was an auxiliary bishop in Boston in Cardinal Law’s later years. Wouldn’t be surprised if he got a few tips.