Poland: Homosex Blasphemy Deemed "Legal"

A polish court acquitted in March 2021 three activists accused of desecration and offending religious feelings.

Two years earlier, they had distributed images of Our Lady of Częstochowa with a homosex hallow after the Maximilian Kolbe Parish in Płock had rightly called homosexual acts a sin. The prosecution appealed but lost on January 12.

Płock Bishop Piotr Libera told (January 13) that the acquittal was “incomprehensible.” He said that this approves of "desecrating religious symbols and of hurting the feelings of believers.”

Simultaneously, all over Europe, Catholics are dragged to courts in the name of homosex blasphemy laws and prosecuted for criticising homosexualism.


This is why laws regulating freedom of speech are, in themselves, bad. Politically motivated selective enforcement is inevitable.
How horrid!! What an offense against the Lord and His Immaculate Mother! Let us pray and live in reparation!
Louis IX
It’s just the leftwing court, not the country.
Alex A
Bye Bye Poland! Only Hungary to be defeated by Satan.
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
Satan, with the help of his most devoted earthly servant, Pope Francis and company.