Francis "Allowed" Only Priests and Nuns to Kiss His Ring in Loreto

During the ring-kiss reception after his March 27 Mass in Loreto, Italy, Pope Francis greeted more than one hundred people.

The full video (13 minutes, below) shows that in the first ten minutes more than forty clerics and nuns managed to successfully kiss Francis' ring.

The situation changed when it was the turn of the lay people. Francis then started pulled his ring away.


len ne voit même sa main avec la bague,,,donc on ne peut pas voir s'ils l'embrassent ???
De Profundis
Pope Francis did not appear to be wearing that particular [papal] ring in Loreto March 25. Outside of papal ceremonies, Francis is typically seen wearing only his episcopal ring.
The Joke is in us the remnant church. God and his justice will always remain. The Remnant church will prevail in the end and we will look back and feel no shame for those that ended up in Hell!!!