Catholics Attacked and Humiliated At Prayer Event

Connor Martin (The Libertarian Republic) has documented how a criminal, mostly black mob harassed, berated, and assaulted Catholics who defended a statue of Saint Louis in Saint Louis, Missouri.

“We allowed them to spit on us [which is a health risk], call us names, put their fingers in our faces [while sanitary distancing was ordered], push us, and antagonise.”

A still unidentified felon poured an unknown liquid on a man in a green shirt (pictured above). While the victim tried to protect his head, he was attacked by a second criminal.

Martin helped to rescue the victim but was attacked, kicked and beaten along with a friend. Both managed to escape (video below).

Police were called six times but never showed up. Martin is determined to press charges and to identify the culprits.

On Sunday, the rescuers cleaned up dozens of pentagrams and graffitis from the statue. A priest blessed it with Holy Water.


I suspect if the Catholics showed up with machetes to clear some of the overgrown grass around St. Louis' statue, the mob would have kept their hands to themselves.
Thank God for guns. We Catholics should all have ours ready and be willing to use them if need be
Hugh N. Cry
Be armed with Beads & bullets
This is coming to all of us soon
Not humiliated, exalted!!! Real men, with a big treassure un Heaven