Francis’ Curia Reform Signed: How Francis Will Get Rid of Cardinal Sarah

Francis has signed the constitution Praedicate Evangelium about the Roman Curia, La-Croix.com (July 10) reports.

The draft was completed more than a year ago and sent to the bishops’ conferences. Currently, the definitive text is being translated.

The publication will come with a massive personnel shake-up as “more than two-dozen” [?] Rome-based cardinals will be sent into retirement, La-Croix.com writes.

Among them are cardinals over 75 like Ouellet, 76 (Bishops), Sarah, 75 (Liturgy), Sandri, 76 (Oriental Churches), Versaldi, 77 (Education) and Stella, 78 (Clergy).

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsNxcodeoccf

Curia reform..dang autocorrect
More Chris reform....just polishing a turd
bergoglio does not need to "get rid of sarah"... as sarah is part of "protectors of him" IN DISGUISE of "traditional"... sarah is a fraud... controlled opposition
Where is our Pope Benedict? Haven’t heard any news on him. Is he dead? Is he alive?