One million gather in DC in support of Trump and praises God!

If you have friends outside of the US, please please please forward them this video. They need to know what is going on in the US, because news outlets over there, are even worse than here!

Idols are falling fast you made politics your idol
I did not male politics my idol, I am good with whatever God decides
What must I do to be saved
Americanism will not save you Pope Leo XIII
America was founded on Freemasonry principles
This chaos was sooner or later going to happen
Who ever looses his life for my sake will find it
Baptism holy communion and need be confession the rest is vanity
I agree with you, however Trump is pro-life, that is really important. Would you prefer Biden with his murder of babies? JESUS 2020, how about that?
Abortion is the fruit of Fornication and failed contraception
Fornication is a mortal sin that precedes most abortions even you made abortion illegal
lost of souls will not change .
Christ the King needs to be enthroned
America will never let that happened separation of Church and State