FSSP: Dijon Archbishop Claims That Nothing Has Happened

There is allegedly “much misunderstanding” about the eviction of the Fraternity of St Peter (FSSP) from Dijon, France, Archbishop Roland Minnerath has claimed hiding behind an anonymous June 8 statement published on Diocese-Dijon.com.

However, Minnerath has unequivocally ordered that that all the manyfold activities of the Fraternity such as catechesis, patronage, scouting and other apostolic work be terminated. What has been built up in decades will be reduced to a mere Mass schedule. The currently over 300 faithful are told to go for all the rest… to their [decadent] Novus Ordo parishes.

The statement announces that neo-conservative Father Christian Baud and other diocesan priests will continue to celebrate the Old Rite liturgy in Dijon. Baud is the parish-priest of Semur-en-Auxois, which is 15 km away from Flavigny-sur-Ozerain where there is an Old-Rite Benedictine Monastery and the neoconservative International Seminary of Ars.

The Archbishop has the brazenness to "thank" the evicted Fraternity for its services of 23 years, adding that “the fact that the faithful are now entrusted to diocesan priests will only strengthen their communion with the diocesan Church.” Dijon went from 341 priest in 1950 to 115 priest in 2020. Last year there was one ordination to the priesthood. Minnerath implies that religious priests - of which there are 50 in Dijon Archdiocese - jeopardise "ecclesial unity."

Minnerath even plays the Vatican II trick whining about "many" complaints he received which, according to him, were “unfortunately" indicative of a "spirit of rejection" of the "Council Church" [quotations marks in the original] "as if there were another Church.” However, the Church is built on Christ, not on a failed pastoral council without any dogmatic importance.


Sounds like the University of Paris vs. the Friars during the middle ages all over again. All one has to do now is invoke Aquinas' "Contra Impugnantes" document for the resolution.
De Profundis
"If everyone defends his own opinion, theological hypotheses, novelties, or a pastoral approach that contradicts the demands of the Gospel and the perennial Magisterium of the Church, then division will spread everywhere." - Robert Cardinal Sarah