Bishop with Backbone: No Altar-Girls in San Luis, Argentina

San Luis Bishop Pedro Daniel Martínez, 63, resisted pressure to introduce altar-girls.

He published a November 1 decree ordering his priests to maintain the liturgical rule of accepting only boys for the service at the altar.

In the decree’s article 4, Bishop Martinez rejects any contrary custom. Some of his priests had attempted to introduce altar-girls.

In the forward-looking diocese, Holy Communion must be given on the tongue. The sacrilegious Communion in the hand is forbidden.


Awesome bishop. Pity we got the wrong Argentinian in the Vatican
We will see how long this bishop will last. How long will it take to receive the "mercy" of Bergoglio.
Good picture!
In all fairness to other bishops, leaving the decision to the pastors is a valid decision. This is particularly true when a diocese includes both N.O. and E.F parishes.
Don Reto Nay
Leaving the decision to the pastors will means handing them over to pressure groups in the parish.
Jorge of the Pachamamas is not amused!
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle