Irish Bishop: Gay Couples "Equally Welcome" At World Meeting of Families?

Why do you worry?
If this is not a Catholic meeting for families, no problem

Ír püspök: Szívesen várjuk a meleg párokat a családok világtalálkozóján

amennyiben ez nem katolikus családok találkozója, akkor semmi gond a püspök megjegyzésével :-)

Why do exorcists ask demons to reveal their names?

@Jungerheld, look for Fr. Gabriele Amorth's books, they are very good reference publications in this topic.
There is an excellent video on Youtube made with a Polish exorcist as well:

The Confession

@Jungerheld , it took me a long time to think over how to handle the priest as a liar. This situation from human viewpoint is awkward. God's mercy is straight. I do not like the priest to lie, but God will definitely resolve this sensitive situation.
The good thing is that the priest knows and admits the lie - his objective (ie. to help somebody forget his sin) is very reasonable.

Rekeszbe zárt hit?

@Gratia copiosa , nem teljesen értem a hozzászólásodat. Tulajdonképpen mivel nem értesz egyet?

Archbishop Henryk Hoser First Prelat of Međugorje?

@mccallansteve it is your right not to accept what happens in Medjugorje.
You are under no circumstances entitled to call it satanic deception.
If yes, pls provide on what ground (I mean Church documents , recent written standpoint of high priests, etc.) you can do this.

“Medjugorje Will Be Approved – Maybe This Year”

@Kevin , we shall never ever be able to convince each other (I personally do not want to...)
Nevertheless it hurts if your personal view re Medjugorje shows no love to those who accept it as a personal revelation. I do not give up further commenting, but stop from my end since parties will not come closer in this topic whenever. God bless you.

“Medjugorje Will Be Approved – Maybe This Year”

@Kevin , you have no right to call it false apparition as NO official Church statement has been issued.
Although you may refer to the statement of the former Yugoslav bishop (in Mostar) who declared it illegitimate, pls note that this case was then transferred to the Conference of Yugoslav Bishops (as the next competent Church authority, also terminated a couple of years ago) but nothing … 더보기

Last Supper

Wonderful, thanks.
Nevertheless Jesus chose men to follow him as apostles :-)


@Eniko balog , valszeg frissiteni kellene a számítógépen a Flash player programot

“Medjugorje Will Be Approved – Maybe This Year”

@Dr Stuart Reiss from logical viewpoints you are right. But why to think that everything Francis does is against the teaching of the Church? Francis does have a lot of positive things - now including the probable approval of the Medjugorje (alleged) apparitions.

The other point to highlight is that Polish bishops belong not to the liberal but to the (in the good meaning of) orthodox line of the … 더보기

Hungarian Bishop Calls For Married Priests

I'm afraid this article is more than misleading and confusing.
Bp. Beer does not want to end priestly celibacy BUT to add ordained men (to be able to provide new priests for the parishes) to the existing (unmarried) priests.
This is a big difference. Nevertheless it is a pity this will further destroy the status of celibacy as a value provided only for Jesus Christ.

Egy érsek úgy él, „mintha Isten létezne”

... és pásztora a rá bízott nyájnak, mintha farkas nem létezne...

Former Benedict XVI Still Wearing His Fisherman’s Ring

Is there any journalist in the Vatican brave enough to ask him personally about this?...

Cardinal Visits Medjugorje With the Blessing of Pope Francis

Dear All,
pls read this summary on Medjugorje before throwing stones to anyone, who opposite to you, accepts or does not accept Medjugorje.

"Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love" (Ephesians, 4,2)


Church Demolished for a Parking Lot

Shocking. It urges to reconsider what you think about your faith.

Does Cardinal Sarah Want the Tridentine Mass to Disappear?

@Jungerheld , it is not the choice of the community either to decide nor to have impact on procedures like this. Unfortunately. All we can do is to pray for the leaders of the Church to follow Christ and not something else.

Első alkalommal: német nyelvű egyházmegye részt vesz egy homoszexuális rendezvényen

német nyelvű... nem pedig német nyelven beszélő
szivárvány lelkipásztor... nem pedig szivárvány lelkészi

Martin atya homoszexualitása megcáfolva

Ez a fordítás félrevezető. Nem Martin atya homoszexualitásáról van szó, hanem a Martin atya által képviselt homoszexualitás fogalmáról. Óriási különbség.

A New Trial Will Soon Start in the Vatican

Who will investigate Bertone's attitude to his new apartment?

Az Evangélium Hírnökei (Heralds of the Gospel) generálisa lemondott

@Atiliani , @Mamocs ,
nem a hírhozót kell vádolni, ha olyan hírt hoz, ami nem kedves a fülnek. Sajnos az Egyház ma közel nem tud olyan kedvező és vonzó képet felmutatni, mint azt sokan szeretnénk. Nem venni tudomást az Egyház kétezer éves tanításával ellenkező dolgairól ugyanolyan balgaság, mint ragaszkodni idealisztikus egyházképünkhöz.
Isten megengedi a rosszat, mivel abból is a legnagyobb … 더보기

(Pagan) Catholic Ordinatinon of an Indian priest

This a French city in the vicinity of Toulouse. Seat of the local bishop as well. Shame to allow or participate at such an event like this.
See the bishop and some other comments here.


ilyenre is szükség van - hűsít és nem árt :-)

The Ruination of the Capuchins' Church in Altötting

how many shelters/homes could have been built for German homeless people, real refugees instead of this crematory...

Olasz Katonai Ordinariátus „engedélyezi” az elvált és polgárilag újraházasodott hívők szentségekben…

@hu.news ,
A Pápai Törvénymagyarázó Tanács helytelen fordítás => Törvényszövegek Pápai Tanácsa.
Illő tájékozódni a szakkifejezéseket illetően