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Girls Abortion in Armenia Abortion as a Laudable Act? Reform of the Reform As a Transition US-Bishops Furious [More]
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Gosh....I see that the USA Bishops don protestant garb (ie the black suit) for their formal attire. On the other hand, I hear that it is still illegal for a cleric to walk the streets of the USA in the Cassock (in any form). Does this vary from State to State?

I do know that this Americanism (the black suit) has been spotted in Rome and I can say, in the UK as well. Could this be an icon for current Roman Catholic Protesantism?
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Thank you Luchinka!
Dołącz do protestu ws. ACTA zanim będzie za późno.
POlitycy chcą ingerować w wolność internetu.
W wielu miastach w Polsce odbędą się w środę, 25.stycznia 2012r. o godz. 18.00 wiece przeciwko planowanym decyzjom władz niektórych Państw mającym na celu ograniczanie swobód internatów i internetu.
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The USA Bishops are pretty upset over contraception in USA as pushed by the Obama Admin,on US Catholic hospitals? Too little to late? For the sake of the church I hope not. There has been a history of wobbly knees in the US Bishop Conference for years since Vatican II.