How to protect God's marriage

Motivated TFP volunteers rallied support for traditional marriage in most New York cities this summer. The response in SUPPORT of God's marriage (1 man + 1 woman) was overwhelming. However, the homosexual movement is pushing to subvert natural law … [More]
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TFP Student Action
I would venture to bet that the reception in Toronto would also be mostly positive in favor of traditional marriage as in New York.

The media has been able to create so much pressure against those who disagree with sodomy-based unions, that people remain silent. Who wants to be called a bigot, right?

Yet when God-fearing humans have a chance to express their opinion, it can be very encouraging, as seen in NYC, with so much honking! Natural law is natural law and deep down, people know the truth.

God bless!
I would not have thought that you would have found as much support in New York City as you did... maybe I've been under the influence of stereotypes...

(I wonder what would happen if you tried that here in Toronto?)

Excellent Work!

God Bless,
TFP Student Action
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Bravo! Keep up the good work!