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Damascus Route Info. re.: Where to write to Benetton in protest:

Benetton Group Hq
Villa Minelli
31050 Ponzano - Italy

"a Mr Toscani came up with the ad..."

Or else you can go onto the Benetton site and send from there :

Damascus Route--you are right: We should be writing letters of protest to Benetton...

I've seen the advertisement showing the Pope kissing an Egyptian imam.
Am I shocked, well no. The reason being that the Holy Scriptures warn us that Christians would be ridiculed.
We need to be strong and that's why I pray and act in order to keep my faith strong.
The thing is, is that the 'ad' is in no way original or even inventive. Benetton has done this time and time again and have actually simply copied the cover page of the French satirical newspaper 'Charlie Hebdo' in which one see a … [More]