St Teresa of Ávila

Your pictures would deserve more attention!

Never Kneeling

Before confused people, crazy, in fact, who say they have an identity other than the one that comes from the ontological act which constitutes them. I mean, in front people very wrongly called "transgender"...

Francis Not Allowed To Contradict His Predecessors – Cardinal Burke

Let us pray God continues to inspire and protect Cardinal Burke, Archbishop Chaput, Bishop Schneider, and all faithful, holy priests!

Can one four-minute video change a person’s mind to be against abortion?

Also at Roman Catholic Religious Education Conferences and high schools...

‘Transgender’ Could Be Defined Out of Existence Under Trump Administration

Do these kids have parents, teachers, and pastors...? Vote or lose our country...

College of Cardinals in Serious Troubles – Cardinal Burke

God will hear our prayers and respond how and when He chooses. Don't let your hearts lose hope...
W walce ze złem

Saint John Paul II

JPII is not a saint for true Catholics of tradition,
1. As the first he betrayed the Liturgy - turning backward to the Eucharistic God in the Tabernacle.
2. He kissed the Qur'an - a book that reveals idolatry and kills and rapes Christians.
3. He was the first to introduce false ecumenism to the Catholic Church.

"great joy" at converting from Islam

Courageous girl in love with Jesus. May our Church leaders not let her down...

Never Kneeling

Only kneels before Moslems and other non Catholic youths.
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Understanding "accompaniment"

I'd prefer that accompaniment or side-dish to Bergoglian accompaniment which frankly appears to be a euphemism for sodomy.

College of Cardinals in Serious Troubles – Cardinal Burke

The next conclave is fixed already just like the last one was. And all the synods since then. It’d be Tagle to be next pope. Francis dare not call cardinals together because he can’t be in the same room as Burke. Who might ask him about Dubia. Meanwhile Franky will say he’s amazingly collegial because he meets regularly with his group of nine lackeys and the VICE pope (or VICE Cardinal ‘… More
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Joseph a' Christian

"great joy" at converting from Islam

MUHAMMAD WAS A MURDERER - (updated with more of the prophets profits)
1) Muhammad and his gang murdered numerous travelers on the road to Mecca.They did this to steal these people’s valuable items.
2) Muhammad’s gang murdered and enslaved tremendous amounts of people, as they conquered Arabia.
3) Muhammad’s gang slaughtered numerous more people across the nations of Northern Africa.
4) … More
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The Sacred Athos of the North: Putin Visits Valaam on Special Day to Check on Progress of Monastery

Putin speaking of similarities of communism with Christianity and relics from Mt. Athos with Lenin's Mausoleum:
Joseph a' Christian

Unite Remnant Faithful

You were recently offended by me pointing out that Trump has gone through several wives, and that he gained plenty of money, by people losing at his gambling casinos.

Stating facts is NOT slander.
You yourself are not living as a Christian, by falsely accusing a Christian man.
Lisi Sterndorfer

College of Cardinals in Serious Troubles – Cardinal Burke

"The next conclave". This bears more dread than hope.
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‘No country has right to lecture to Poland’: German cardinal

Brussels the head of EU wants Portugal to erase their history aswell because its not friendly to other nations that are not christians ,This is a big LIE , history is history you can not change it ,there is good the bad and the ugly ,that is us ,human nature ,Portuguese colonize other countries but they also evangelized according to the Gospel ,of our Lord Jesus Christ ,and those people that are … More

Pope Francis the Insulter Preaches Against Insults

..."Faraway contemplative" also sounds pretty good.

Pope Francis the Insulter Preaches Against Insults

I'm thinking I would like to be a "restorationist". Maybe i dont know the meaning. OR... maybe this like when you look at which movies the liberals hate in order to decide which one you want to see.

Pope Francis the Insulter Preaches Against Insults

When pumped with pride, what keen sorrow,
To narcissist heart, an insult blow.
The saints of course had else to tell,
How suffering and insult served them so well.

Francis pápa kapta Ouellet bíborost - ma reggel

@Tesa , Google translation is rather poor for translating (Italian?) to Hungarian language. In case of English to Hungarian it works much better.
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Homosexual predator Theodore Mc Carrick used to illustrate this article.

It strongly suggests (alongside other evidence) that pro-gay bishops are generally gay themselves, perverts.

Daily Bible Reading 22 October 2018 of Catholic Mass

Letter to the Ephesians 2,1-10.

Brothers and sisters: You were dead in your transgressions and sins
in which you once lived following the age of this world, following the ruler of the power of the air, the spirit that is now at work in the disobedient.
All of us once lived among them in the desires of our flesh, following the wishes of the flesh and the impulses, and we were by … More

‘Conservative’ Steubenville Becoming Liberal Notre Dame

More evidence, that we are within the tremendous falling away.
Our Christ Is Great. Man’s world is a ransid, dying,
alex j

Read This. From Rod Dreher's Blog (Commentary)

Check out…/Australian-Yout…&from_embed but I confess to hardly being computer literate but I do hope that all bloggers on this site will take the time to chase down the letter. It is well worth a read.!
alex j

‘Conservative’ Steubenville Becoming Liberal Notre Dame

Contrast this with a letter written by a body of Catholic students in Australia and sent to all delegates at the current Youth Synod.…/Australian-Yout… the-Synod-Fathers#full screen&_embed I am far from being compute literate but I assure all bloggers of Gloria TV. will be uplifted by the letters content. Good luck with hunting the letter down.

St Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna, as dance floor

Another example of the Church adapting to the world. Exactly opposite of how it should be.