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CHRISTIAN FLAG for Christian Unity

We must follow the Apostle Paul's instructions. He told us Christians to be separate from non-believers/the darkness/the liars... We can not be one with talmudic false jews who hate Jesus, or … More
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@Anne T. - Almighty God bless you Anne, my sister in our life giving Lord, Jesus.
@Josephmary True, this is what i have resently learned also, that it was not a russian revolution. Rather, it was the vicious slaughter of the Christian King, his wife and their children perpetrated by jews.
The deceitful jews had changed their names to russian names. They then went on to grab numerous important government positions. The evil jews tortured, starved to death, executed numerous … More
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It was the Bolshevik Jews in russa that murder 80 million Catholics and Christians who follow the talmudic. That the popes at the time never said a word about them being Jews but danced around it with a play on words.I read Benedict 15 encipacals and pius 11 and pius 12. There a lot if talk about communist but nothing on how many were murder and them being Christian murder by the jews
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adults have a choice ,babiis in the womb dont
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