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Jim Dorchak
Do yourself a favor: get off facebook for ever
Total charade. Why do I say this? Because Zuker got briefed before the "hearing" on how to answer questions. Also remember Facebook donated millions into the coffers of democratic senators. Nothing but a show!
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Excellent article, @De Profundis! All of these efforts to make "trending" news appear to favor pro-aborts and the liberal agenda have been very effective. That is why the whole "take a knee" debate was so excellent: No one can sensor a football stadium full of people...or their wallets. We can't keep silent.
De Profundis
Remember when PlannedParenthood was exposed for selling Baby-Body-Parts? One thing you may not remember is that that story which broke with a loud explosion didn’t trend on Facebook . Can Zuckerberg tell us why?…
Maybe you would have enjoyed The Zuck's first endeavor of now Facebook, the "Hot or Not" game for rating women around Harvard?
Holy Cannoli
Best answered with a song.

Run to me whenever you're lonely
Run to me if you need a shoulder
Now and then, you need someone older,
So darling, you run to me
@Holy Cannoli "beautiful" but not so youthful that one could envision you with dipping sauce?
Holy Cannoli
5'11" 185lbs and beautiful to behold.
Holy Cannoli
Mark Zuckerberg in a booster seat looks like he’s about to ask the waitress for chicken fingers and apple juice. He's 5'7”
This isn't Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz was the warm-up (or the bully wimp, not sure which. And I used to support him) to this guy who struck directly at the abortion debate brilliantly and actually got the Zuck to state an opinion. Fantastic!
De Profundis
Didn't expect to Zuckerberg to go full Social Network in this exchange with Feinstein.
Mark Zuckerberg openly admitted that Silicon Valley is “extremely left leaning” and that political bias is a problem he is concerned about.
Genius or Psychotic? Psychoactive
>Can’t define “hate speech” when asked
>Hiring 20,000 employees to police “hate speech”
>Believes AI will get so good in 5 years that it will instantly detect and remove “hate speech”

Just gonna sit back and watch grow
Cruz began by asking whether Facebook considers itself a neutral forum, to which Zuckerberg said Facebook views itself as “a platform for all ideas." Cruz followed up by noting that online services are not held liable for their content so long as they are a “neutral public forum.”
He then asked again whether Facebook considers itself a neutral public forum, or if it engages in political speech.