“The Majority Of Cardinals Consider Francis Pontificate A Failure”

The current Vatican regime will damage the Catholic Church, writes Russell Ronald Reno, editor of FirstThings.com (January 10). Reno describes Francis as lax, ruthless, cold, cunning and quick to …
... "increasingly aware of this" ... it took all 6 years to finally make the cardinals plugged into that realization .. !!! wow !!
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Beloved of atheists, a hater of Catholics.
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Not only them
Vast majority of all bishops are failures.
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But most of Cardinals when they are in front of him are all smiles ,and kisses
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alex j
High office and perks along with not 'rocking the boat' will ensure 'happy faces' for the cameras.
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I cannot find this article of Russell Ronals Reno on FirstThings.com Can anyone give a link?
Use his name and a partial quote to find the source.