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Migrant joke about working Germans and migrant benefits goes viral

Video transcript: 0:06 An African asylum seeker, a black guy, is walking around the city of Nuremberg. 0:11 He talks to the first person he sees and says, “Thank you for taking me in, that 0:16 I … More
Ave Crux
I'm surprised at those who find this funny. It's tragic and sums up the infuriating injustice being foisted on upright citizens by their governments EVERYWHERE - even here in the USA - to the derision and delight of the so-called "migrants" feeding off of this forced "charity". Witness the assault on U.S. southern borders by the recent Caravans carrying flags from other countries while … More
But here in the USA...
I LOVE THIS - it resonates so much with my own experience. You need to laugh because it is too painful otherwise, after so many years and knowing that nothing will change. Talk about 'there are none so blind'.
Sunamis 46
I am german
And everyone besides germans think that is funny
If it would only be a bad joke
We all could laugh
But it is the bitter truth
That the germans are sold out by their own government-
But if americans think,
They would feed them through as well-
Forget it-
The government likes only muslim
I'll bet the Germans will find this hilarious. It will change nothing
alex j
What ever this man is, or does, he certainly has a sense of humour.
well thats life