China: Pope Francis Is Learning the Hard Way

China has shown a proclivity to renege on agreements, and the Vatican is now grappling with this, TheAtlantic.com writes (December 4). The Vatican sold its September agreement with China as a deal …
Learning the hard way? He already knew what communistic china is like towards Christians, we need no excuses for what he gladly did, remember the letter personally handed to P. Francis by Cardinal Joseph Zen.
communism and catholicism dont mix
I think he's entirety happy that brother socialists are crushing Christians.
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GJA Taylor
I do not trust this very bad pope, or any word out of his forked tounged mouth. He is the worst pope in history or is he a moron? ( the moron answer would be the generous one,), but alas, he is no moron - just a blind fake.
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He isn't learning anything, this was the plan, all along: was foreseen and wanted. Who is learning is the Catholic world, it's learning that there cann't be no compromise with modernists and modernism. Gnostcism, of any type, and Christianity are perfect antitheses. God gets good out of the biggest evils...