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Apostate Bergoglio claims Talmudic synagogues are a sign of “the presence of the Creator”

Apostate Jorge Mario Bergoglio : 9 November will mark the eightieth anniversary of the Kristallnacht , when many Jewish places of wors...
Let no true Catholic have any connection with a Talmudist at least on religious matters. Let no one true in our Faith enter into a synogogue nor bow to their "tabernacle" for God is not there. Must we show Christian love to a Talmudist - particularly to one who treats others including ourselves ethically? Sure! However, we should also be in no doubt what they are and their rejection of the Logos … More
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"Without a living memory of the past, there will be no future." - Jorge Bergoglio on the holocaust
"And we cannot go back; we must always go forward, always forward and whoever goes back is mistaken.” - Jorge Bergoglio on the Traditional Mass
Habemus Hypocrita!
Francis = Apostate
God is not sleeping ,He will intervene
adeste fideles
let him be anathema !