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It's Apostasy, Not Schism – Cardinal Burke

The present Church does find herself in apostasy from the Faith - not in schism, Cardinal Raymond Burke told (January 17). Bishops, priests and laypeople “have effectively abando…
Ecce sacerdos magnus
If it is schism, heresy and apostasy. Cardinal Burke denies that it is schism because he insists on remaining in full communion with the apostate Bergoglio:
It is an INVERSE SCHISM since the one who joins Bergoglio is separated from Christ and from St. Peter therefore EVERY catholic who is in full communion with apostate Bergoglio has fallen into SCHISM against Jesus Christ has joined the anti-… More
The message from the Blessed Virgin Mary to Father Gobbi

11/03/1995: «My secret concerns the Church. In the Church, the great apostasy, which will spread throughout the whole world, will be brought to its completion; the schism will take place through a general alienation from the Gospel and from the true faith. There will enter into the Church the man of iniquity, who opposes himself to … More
Defining apostasy seems to be the short-term way out of the overwhelming trauma of the Church crisis. However avoidance in dealing with the present schism can make problems worse in the long-term due to growing confusion. The Churchmen release themselves from action and the duty of revealing truth of attacks against, disobedience towards and rejection of the auhority of living pope Benedict XVI -… More
I think considering their station, and if your conclusion is accurate they are guilty of cowardice.
I like your post
Yeah, keep on thinking...St. Paul was right - women should keep silent.
Well god Cardinals and priests, read below for a quick snapshot of what silence in your ranks has created.
O Holy Mary Ever Virgin and conceived without sin: Pray for us that have recourse to thee
VIi is in its self an apostacy and it otomatically implies schism.
"Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the antichrist" Our Lady of La Sallete I guess she was right!
Angie W.
Bergoglio was already a mason, a contumacious heretic, and an apostate in Argentina. The Magisterium of the Church declares that the election of a heretic, child or woman as pope is invalid and void.
Thank you, Angie W. Truth is sometimes hard to swallow. In the end, Our Lady will triumph!
This is just what the doctor ordered for all of you apostates:
I drive 2 hours to reach a Valid Mass with a Valid Priest, because as Bergoglio says, "There's no harm with a little bread and wine." The False prophet Bergoglio, doesn't even believe or has the faith. I thank God you all don't receive the Blessed Sacrament and only receive break and wine, otherwise, you'd be stomping all over my Lord as your filthy, unconsecrated hands, dust off the particles … More
Again when did you conclude the Seat of Peter was Empty?
I do not receive our Lord in the hand (s) but kneeling at an Altar Rail.
I have made many sacrifices over the years,(Deo Gratias) to obtain the Holy Faith for my family, and myself and we all stay close to the sacraments including confession. Something you might consider.
Nicene Creed can go here.
And what would be my sin? Telling truth?
Accusing an entire unknown audience of Apostasy?
I just listened to a valid priest speaking about how they refer to one of the Novus Ordo seminary's as the "Pink Palace." You figure it out - you're smart?
Having a homosexual problem with some of the clergy does not make the church apostate.
Homosexual "problem"? I guess you haven't heard, it's a DAMNABLE SIN!
Here are two connections that 'might' bring you up to speed, if you're honest with yourself: #NovusOrdoWatch (Twitter) and wcbohio (YouTube)
I am honest with myself. At what point according to you did The Seat of Peter become vacant?
How does a Cardinal state such a thing and not publicly call out the Apostate (s) ?
Ah, he did! The Vatican II apostate sect. That's ALL of you including himself. #Sedevacantist #SSPV #wcbohio (youtube) #NovusOrdoWatch (Twitter)
@Give me a break your blanket statement, and erroneous conclusions do not lend much merit to your position.
In fact it only highlights Cardinal Burke`s concerns for The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.
Catholics stay faithful to The Bride of Christ. Do not surrender to despair, and do not leave the field.
half truth
Yeah, the Apostate sect of Vatican II has that as a new tradition - speaking in forked tongues.
Well, somebody has finally said it. Prayers for the protection of Cardinal Burke.
It looks like he is finally agreeing with us Sedevacantists.
Legio Mariae
God bless Cardinal Burke!🙏🙏🙏
It's apostasy but why can't he says who??!!!
Seriously? It's anyone in the Vatican II apostate sect, including himself.
That's not what I mean. I'm saying he's too afraid to call out those in error. Although, it would be hypocritical to call others out since he is in error as well so he too would have to admit he is in error.
Apostacy is the only word. Of course , that brings up hard questions; Is Francis an apostate? If so, is he the pope? How about all the other bishops who deny the faith?