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"Homosexual Networks Must Be Eradicated First"

The scandal in the Church does not consist in the fact that bishops knew about McCarrick's predatory gay behaviour and did nothing about it, Janet Smith, 67, a moral theologian at Sacred Heart …
There are pictures of Hillary all over the Catholic high Schools where I live. They have there own Lesbian/Gay groups for the kids!!!!! Most of the staff are what is the word, "Gay"? It is horrifying to see this!!! Everyone knows they are gay, and say nothing?!!!!
Joseph a' Christian
The truth, Almighty God bless this woman.
We were deceived by the overwhelmingly jew controlled media. For years they have been kalling homosexual false priests, who molest and rape young Catholic men: pedophiles. The false jew media, hates our Lord Jesus and His Church. The NY Times, CNN, NBC... knew they could not name the predators homosexuals, and at the same time be propaganda tools, … More
Janet Smith is the author of, "Contraception, Why Not?" She is fantastic.