Tech giant bans 'insults' against LGBT ideology

YouTube bans insults based on race, gender expression and sexual orientation

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Where is free speach ??????
Susi 47
dear aderito
to say it in a funny way: if you can miau like the cats in rossinis cat duett,
than you willhave free speech-
i guess i better learn to miau....
i think
soon it all will be forbidden
just wait and see hiw many ideas they still will come up with...
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If free thought means that we are not free to rebuke free-thinkers, it is surely a very one-sided sort of free thought. It means that they may say anything they choose about all we hold most dear, and we must not say anything we think in protest against all we hold most damnable.
Following Jesus is a hate crime
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Up next, this policy will get quietly expanded so "insult" includes any unflattering factual info. You heard it here first!
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