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Cardinal Raymond Burke Launched Personal Website

Under, the famous American Cardinal has launched his own Internet presence. Burke has been ousted from all his former functions by Pope Francis who seems to nurture a visceral …
De Profundis
Cardinal Burke will get everything from, "Thank you, God bless" to, "Correct the Pope!" to "I need to talk to you about my marriage because you're the best canon lawyer in the Church."
Blessed Be the Most Holy Trinity-Deo Gratias!!!
Prayer of St Therese of Lisieux: Merciful father, in the name of our lovable Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and all the Saints, I ask You to set me on fire with Your Spirit of Love and to grant me the grace of making You deeply loved.
Works, although Cardinal Burke has sounded harsher to SSPX than Francis.
I pray The Good Cardinal will use his Staff to help the Church.
Authority where authority sits. Humility of office; please Cardinal Burke its way past time.
The faithful need more than a another website.

So many conversations on why; for example SSPX cannot be effective in correcting the course of The Church because they stand outside the walls.
What strength does that argument hold when those … More
The link works for me. Thank you for letting us know about this excellent opportunity! The church is hungry for the truth!
@GTVisrockin Maybe too many users? It was only just some time ago.
That's possible after all he is one of the best Cardinals we have, but more than likely a glitch in the system or web master tweaking the site a little.