Luciferic plan of destruction of the Catholic Church
carried out before our eyes - everything for "Protestant brothers"

From the book attributed to priest Ignacy Charszewski, issued with the consent of the Holy Father, John Paul II, dated October 24, 1989.
Father Charszewski was born in 1869 in the village of Lenie near Dobrzyń. In childhood, he learned French and German, and also took piano …More
Luciferic plan of destruction of the Catholic Church
carried out before our eyes - everything for "Protestant brothers"

From the book attributed to priest Ignacy Charszewski, issued with the consent of the Holy Father, John Paul II, dated October 24, 1989.
Father Charszewski was born in 1869 in the village of Lenie near Dobrzyń. In childhood, he learned French and German, and also took piano lessons. He graduated from the Gymnasium in Płock and the local Seminary, then he studied at the Spiritual Academy in St. Petersburg. At the beginning of the Second World War, the German invaders arrested the priest - the reason for the arrest was to be ardent patriotic sermons. Former Żuromin rector was imprisoned in Dębowa Łeba, Chełmno, and Stutthof. His thorny road ended in Sachsenchausen, where he stayed from April 10, 1940. Father Charszewski, due to his advanced age, could not efficiently carry out commands, for which he was terribly beaten from the moment of his arrival. He lived here for 3 days. He endured torment in silence. He died on April 14, 1940 as a result of severe beatings

We present below the official directives (obtained from exorcists) from the central center for the fight against the Holy Church. Their implementation began in March 1962.
The following words of today's Saint are recalled here: Maksymilian M. Kolbe from October 24, 1937, which so closely coincide with the "Master" and "Luciferian plan": "... in the first centuries, one saint saw the chapter of devils, in which they urged that monasteries be waved and weak that later would weaken and destroy the religious life from within (Saint Maximilian writes in an explanation that Saint Francis of Assisi was the saint). That may be and they are, and the devil has just recently recruited such a chapter ..., whose participants enacted to ... join Catholic organizations and pretend to be great devotees, to blow them from the inside. "

In the light of these points and other facts cited here, how is it possible to see what is the false renewal of the Church of St. and the false ecumenism that the Holy Father is so opposed to Pope John Paul II. The following indications have been repeatedly published by various centers in the West. In Poland they appeared, inter alia, in the book of priest Ignacy Charszewskiego The Kingdom of Satan. Here they are:

1. Remove Saint. Michał, the Guardian of the Catholic Church, from all prayers recited during the Holy Mass and outside Mass - once and for all. Remove all his figures. To say this is Christ's command.

2. Endure penitential practices during Advent, such as not eating meat on Fridays or fasting. Exclude any act of self-abasement. Replace him with acts of joy, happiness and love of neighbor. To affirm that Christ has already won and that heaven is for us. And that human efforts are useless.

3. Engage Protestant pastors for the deformation and desacralisation of the Holy Mass. To provoke doubts that the Eucharist is closer to the Protestant faith and that it is only bread and a symbol.

4. Remove all Latin from the liturgy of the Holy Mass, prayers and songs. It brings a sense of mystery and respect. Show it as spellcasters' spells. People will soon stop thinking that priests have a special wisdom of God that surpasses every other.

5. Encourage women to remove headgear in the church, the hair is sensual. And let them demand the right to be priests, lecturers and deacons. Initiate the women's liberation movement.

6. Stop receiving Holy Communion on the knees. Instruct nuns not to allow children to hold folded hands before and after Holy Communion. Tell them that God loves them as they are and desires to see them completely relaxed. This will result in a complete disappearance of the sacred feeling over time. (This pagan way of behaving is also more and more visible in the Polish Church - editor's note)

7. Eliminate church organ music and introduce guitar, lute, drums and stomping in its place. This will prevent any personal prayers or conversations with Jesus. This prevents the personal relationship of children and young people with Jesus, which means that there will be no religious vocations.

8. Profane hymns to the Mother of God and Saint Joseph. To say that they are too idolatry. Replace them with Protestant songs. This will suggest that the Catholic Church recognizes that Protestantism is a true religion or at least equivalent to the religion of the Catholic Church.

9. Change even all the hymns to Jesus. They remind people of their sweet childhood, which in turn reminds them of the peace that is gained through mortification and repentance before God. Introduce new songs to convince people that previous rites were wrong. Make sure that at least one song is included in every Mass, which does not mention the name of Jesus, but only love for people. The young will be enthusiasts of charity.

10. Remove all relics of saints from the altars, and then replace them with pagan altars, not blessed ones, which will be used to make living sacrifices in satanic masses. Cancel the ecclesiastical law, which says that the Mass in the church can only be celebrated on the altar containing the relics of the saints.

11. Suspend the practice of celebrating Mass before the Eucharist in the Tabernacle. Do not allow any tabernacles on the tables used to celebrate the Mass. The altar should look like a table in the dining room. Make it portable in order to suggest that it is not sacred, but that it can perform various tasks, such as a conference table or a card table. Behind him, put at least one chair. And let the priest sit on him after Communion to mark his rest after eating. Never allow priests to kneel during Mass as well as people during the administration of Communion.

12. Remove the saints from the church calendar, one at a time. Forbid priests from talking about saints unless they are mentioned in the Gospel. To say that there may be Protestants in the temple who might not like it.

13. Leave the word "Saint" while reading the Gospel. For example, in the Gospel of Saint John, simply say the Gospel according to John. This will cause the elimination of their worship by people. Prescribe the Bible so long until it becomes identical to the Protestant one.

14. Remove and destroy all personal prayer books. It will put an end to the recitation of the Litany to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Blessed Mother, Saint Joseph, and will impede the preparation for Holy Communion. This will shorten, and over time, completely abandon the thanksgiving after Holy Communion.

15. Remove all figures and images of the Angels. Why have images of our enemies around? Call it a legend or a story of bad times.

16. Eliminate the Order of Lesser Exorcists who cast out the devil. Particularly hard to work on this. Establish the belief that there is no real devil. To convince you that this is an evangelical way of showing evil and that there can be no good story without a villain. As a result, people will stop believing in hell and will not be afraid to go there.

17. Teach that Jesus was only a man, that he had brothers and sisters and hated existing institutions. To say that he liked to be in the company of prostitutes, especially Maria Magdalena. To tell you that he did not stay in Churches and Synagogues.

18. Remember that you can make the nun leave the convent by appealing to her vanity, grace and beauty. You will bring down the habit, which will automatically lead to the rejection of the rosary prayer. Show the world that there are differences in the view of their priests and that the vocations will dry up.

19. Burn all catechisms. Tell the teachers to teach love to people instead of love for God. To say that it is maturity to love openly. Make sex a universal expression of love in religion classes. Make sex a new religion.

20. Close all Catholic schools by reducing the number of vocations. Proclaiming that nuns are unpaid social workers and that the church is rich on them.

21. Destroy the Pope, by destroying his University Imperium. Separate Universities from the Pope by proclaiming that the government (state) will be willing to donate funds to them. Also change the names of religious institutions to secular ones, such as the Immaculate Conception School at Compton High School (School of the Immaculate Conception at the Compton College). Call them ecumenical (ie multi-denominational).

22. Attack the Pope's authority by imposing a limit to his age in this service. The age limit is gradually reduced. Say it is out of concern that he will not be overworked.

23. Be bold. Weaken the pope by establishing the Synod of Bishops. The Pope will then be a figurehead, just like the English Queen thanks to the House of Lords and Parliament. The church will then receive orders from the Synod of Bishops. Then weaken the episcopal authority by establishing a synod equivalent at the priesthood level. To say that this is a form of appreciation for the priests they have long deserved. Then he weakened the priests' power by creating groups of laity who led the priests. Hate will develop so well that even cardinals will abandon the Church. Proclaim that the Church is now democratic.

24. Reduce priestly vocations by losing the respect of the laity to the priesthood. Praise the discarded priests who abandoned everything for love for a woman. Call them heroes. Honor the secular priests as true martyrs who were so persecuted that they could not stand it anymore.

25. Begin to close churches due to lack of priests. Call it savings and good business practice. To say that God listens to prayer everywhere, so churches are extravagance, or luxury.

26. Use secular commissions and low faith priests to condemn and disapprove any visions of the Blessed Mother or any alleged miracles, especially Saint Michael the Archangel. You can be sure that none of these things will be approved by the Second Vatican Council. Then call it disobedience (rebellion) to authority if anyone will follow these revelations or disseminate them, or even think about them. (Note: This can be seen perfectly on the example of Medjugorje and other apparitions of the Mother of God).

27. Introduce the right to dissolve the Curia each time a new Pope comes. This will make sure that the Curia will have many radicals and modernists.

28. Choose antipope. To convince him that he will bring Protestants back to the Church and maybe even Jews. Antipope can be chosen by granting the right to elect bishops. Then there will be so many newly appointed popes that the anti-pope will act as a compromise pope.

29. Eliminate the confession before the First Communion for the second and third classes, so that children will not be disturbed by the lack of confession before communion when they go to the upper classes. Confession will disappear.

30. Let women and lay people give away Holy Communion. To argue that we now have lay time. Begin to give Holy Communion on hand and standing or sitting like Protestants, instead of kneeling; saying that Christ was doing this in this way. Collect wafers for satanic mass. Then change the individual reception of the Host, placing a vessel with wafers that will be collected when leaving the Church. They say that they will bring God's gifts in everyday life. Install automatic machines to issue Communion, naming them a tabernacle.

31. After the anti-idol rule, solve the Synod of Bishops, the unions of priests, secular groups of advisers. Forbid any church person to become involved in politics. To say that God loves humility and hates seeking glory.

32. Give the supreme authority to the pope to choose his successor. Order under the threat of excommunication to accept the sign of the beast to everyone who truly loves God.

33. To declare that all previous dogmas are false, except for the dogma of infallibility. Declare that Jesus Christ was a revolutionary who did not establish dogma. To say that the true Christ will soon come.

34. Command all subordinate popes to fight in the Holy Crusade to spread one worldwide religion. Satan knows where all the lost gold is. Absolutely get the whole world. It will give mankind what it always longed for: GOLDEN PEACE OF PEACE.

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