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Thomas Aquinas College is Catholic
@Dr Bobus yes but this is a school full of K to 12th Graders. In either case I am no longer convinced that a university degree from anywhere is worth a dime. I find higher education to be lower than it should be, especially knowing so many college professors as i do. But hey its just my opinion.
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The best college degrees are not valued by money. That is why the study of the Liberal Arts is so important. Thomas Aquinas College is a Great Books education and has produced grads who became priests with the FSSP and with Clear Creek.
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There is ONLY one place to find a CATHOLIC School... in multiple houses of the Home Schools of devout Catholic and TRADITIONAL families. There are NO other truer Catholic Schools. ......
Everything else is an imitation.
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Basilian? That sounds like Fr Rosica, doesn't it?
Etienne Gilson founded the Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies at the Basilians' St Michael's college in 1929.

Like many other religious institutes institutes the Basilians started to slide into the mud after Vat II, especially after Humanae Vitae.
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