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A science fiction movie

Brian BennettVerified account @ByBrianBennett In a brief moment of candor, an @cnn microphone picked up a comment from Kim’s translator during the walk through the breezeway: “Many people will …
The devil is in the details as they say. I would be very nervous if I were S. Korea or Japan. Reducing military exercises in the region is just what the Chinese want. I view them as our real enemy, not Russia. With the recent hack of our top secret submarine technology they (Chinese) will stop at nothing for military dominance.
Dr Bobus
It is not Western propaganda that NKorea has been developing nukes and has trouble feeding its people. Meanwhile, SKorea is very prosperous.
@Don Reto Nay, it is a startling moment, no matter what the long-term outcome. I was going to say I don't think of Trump as one being fooled by propaganda, but he certainly knows how to exploit the propaganda of the "fake news media." Of this, he is the master. They still haven't figured out how he uses them, every single day.

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Don Reto Nay
I don't think it is a science fiction movie but only shows the difference between reality and propaganda. Kim was demonised by the Western propaganda. But perhaps he is no more demon than the leaders of the Western Regimes?