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Accused Opus Dei Father McCloskey suffers from Alzheimer, can no longer celebrate Mass, even privat…

Statement by Msgr. Thomas Bohlin (picture), January 7, 2019 Msgr. Bohlin, Vicar of Opus Dei in the United States, provides information about the situation of Fr. C. John McCloskey. I have some sad …
No person is perfect. Those who are can throw the first stone. We are tempted daily, especially priests, by satan. Pray for priests!! Especially the good and holy ones. At least this priest was not a homo groping at a male crotch..
Tesa mentioned this post in Hier ist die englische Stellungnahme des Opus-Dei-Oberen Accused Opus Dei Father McCloskey suffers ….
Praying for anyone who was affected by this Fr McCloskey's actions, (while wondering if his actions were brought on by frontal lobe damage caused by the disease and affecting his personality?) and will certainly pray as requested for Father himself as he declines further, confident that God will look kindly on his priestly service which has otherwise borne good fruit.