Francis: Church Must Submit To "Our Common Humanity"

Francis received 24 Christian, Muslim and Jewish leaders of the Abrahamic Faiths Initiative (AFI) at Domus Santa Marta on January 16. Later, Rabbi David Rosen, an AFI member, told that Fran…
This objective stated by the antipope Francis is based on the goals of Freemasonry .
All Catholics are advised to shun the excommunicated Jorge Bergoglio aka francis who still remains a serious threat to their eternal salvation,
False Pope Bergoglio wants all men to submit to the devil. No thanks. I'll take the one who's Catholic--Pope Benedict.
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Jim Dorchak for Pope.
Thank you for your opinion, but I disagree and I will not obey.
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Absolutely masonic.
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More #$&@& from Unrepentant Jorge of the Pachamamas.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
He is religious indifferentist globalist antipope without faith. See , you have to be traditional Catholic for salvation.
Dont't worry Lalanz Islam has been giving The Lord far more serious provocation for over a millenium now and still does every day.
Humanity is in serious danger of chastisements due to this man...warped and foolish...
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I agree with Jim Dorchak
I agree with Jim Dorchak
No the Church must submit to Gods Law as spelled out by his son Our Lord Jesus Christ.
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