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U.S. Bishops Invite Heretics to Address Them

Sister Teresa May, a former president of the anti-Catholic group “Leadership Council for Women Religious”, was invited to talk to the U.S. bishops, gathered in Baltimore. Ten years ago her group was …
The same who protected McCarrick and hate H.E. Burke, Em.mus S.R.E. Card.
Because of bishops like this the invert James Martin is still a priest.
The Viganos are a few, nobody says anything.
Why are the U. S. Catholic Bishops allowing speeches to be given to themselves by a dissident nun with the (visible) Blessed Sacrament nearby in Exposition? This seems disrespectful and a grave misapprehension of the Honor due to the Real Presence.
De Profundis
The vicar-general of the German diocese of Essen, Monsignore Pfeffer, reckons the Church needs to reconsider celibacy given the abuse crisis. "For decades the Church has been telling people from a high horse how to live, especially in the area of sexual morality".
alex j
....and the hits keep on coming!
A standard LCWR dyke.
USCCB have voted not to pressure the Holy See to release documents regarding allegations against McCarrick
Strickland told protesters that they have supporters among the bishops who want change. He encouraged to continue.
De Profundis
Thomas Wenski joking: "We've had a lot of bad press, but I think we should grateful that Donald Trump is president because he dominates the news cycle."

And, "We can't allow ourselves to be distracted by the press."
Bishop Strickland of Tyler, Texas, was the only one who came to speak to protestors.