Déjà vu

John Paul II meets the Buddhist Patriarch of Thailand 35 years later.... Francis meets the Buddhist Patriarch of Thailand ...
Jesus kindly treated pagan people and even healed a centurion's servant at Capernaum. Why? Because pagans were born in false religions without their own fault (no one chooses the circumstances of his birth).

Ps. He was very strict with the pharisees ; )
Jesus didn't enter pagan temples and worship with them!
Saint John Paul II never prayed to false gods, but always and everywhere he prayed to the Holy Trinity...even in the mosque (he certainly followed the example of Pius X, who believed that muslims believe in the true God...Pius XI and Pius XII claimed the same: Those popes started it...)
So, instead your commit mortal sin and worship with them?? I will gladfully destroy their idols right in front of them like Saints have done in the past. You can coddle and rub their bellies if you want. See how well that works.
So the Saints are fanatics now? Sounds like Francis talk to me.
This is real zeal for God's glory and people's salvation: Pachamama-Killer

Alexander Tschugguel does not attack the pope, but evil and sin.
Yeah, that was good what he did, but I will not remain silent when an enemy destroys the Church. Was St. Paul attacking St. Peter when he rebuked him? That's called charity. To remain silent is to consent which makes you an accomplice.
Why so many people lack to see the truth and obstinately reject the truth and accept antipopes, accept heresies and fight against true Catholics.
Because they are of bad will. False traditionalists are of bad will:…/why-many-cant-b…
No, the Dimond Brothers are guilty of promoting their private interpretation of the Bible. I've seen this in their videos. For example, they say St. Paul didn't rebuke St. Peter but someone else. This contradicts many of the fathers and doctors of the Church.
Any kissing?
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle