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Cardinal Burke: Church Becomes Protestant Denomination

The Church needs to speak the truth but instead it is trying "to approach" the present "culture of death” - Cardinal Burke told a youth conference in Rome (October 20). He calls the Church's current …
Si Burke considère son église, la conciliaire, comme une dénomination protestante, pourquoi y reste-t-il ?
Douay-Rheims Original and Challoner Side-By-Side >

This is of great interest to me. - I'll share it.

The two Douay Rheim's Bibles (Old & adj) A side by side comparison of each chapter of the Book of the Apocalypse

First column shows the text from the Original 1570 Douay Rheims - Second Column gives you what is being sold today as the Douay R. - which is not - it is an 18th century D/R amended … More