Cardinal Sarah: “I Have Never Spoken Against Pope Francis”

“I have never spoken against Pope Francis”, Cardinal Robert Sarah told (June 7). Sarah complains that In "discussions in the Church" he is often presented as an opponent of Francis. He explains…
I guess Cardinal Sarah has (intentionally) not spoken about sharing communion? Or are we to assume he agrees with Pope Francis, that there is already unity and we should not wait for the theologians?
Cardinal Sarah for Pope Pius XIII. Vote early and often
You don’t need to speak against Bergoglio. Just saying the truth is enough to expose him for what he is. In God’s time, his real nature will be shouted from rooftops. likes this.
We know cardinal Sarah. You have the art of silence. You can't do anything because you're just a Cardinal.
Sarah himself hopes that the Catholics "will dare to speak out fearlessly, even if this is made increasingly difficult for them."

How much more that must be pointed to the prelates!
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