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SSPX: “We Refuse to Accept Second Vatican Council”

The Society of Saint Pius X refuses to accept the Second Vatican Council as “just another council”, its new superior general, Father Davide Pagliarani, said. In a interview (October 12) …
When you examine the fruits of the "Council" - it's just as well to disassociate yourself from all it hoped to unleash within the Church.

The people responsible for the changing of the Rites and Sacraments are known for being strange, odd, not respecting of authentic Church Teaching and of dubious Catholicity.....

The fruits of Vatican II reflect that.

When a TRUE Pope ascends the See of St … More
@eticacasanova true, they aren't saying much about the Pope and Bishops, but we are just seeing the fruits of the Vat II Council. Vat II was meant to be distorted with all its ambiguities and heretical statements. This Vat II experiment has gone on long enough. The Church needs to return to tradition.
Of course, they are a supra-Church, which can pick and choose whatever they want. And saying it is the Council, and not the powers distorting it, what cause the disaster, is not a distortion of history, twin sister of the distortion of the revolutionaries, NOPE, it is perfectly accurate...