Francesco I

Mons. Negri says that there was “Obama’s hand” behind Pope Benedict’s resignation

The former Archbishop of Ferrara, Mons. Negri, said that behind the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, on 11 February 2013, there was the powerful hand of Barack Obama. Negri said that there was a …
Francesco I
Quod nullum est, nullum producit effectum !
Coercion to resign makes it invalid as stated by Canon Law.
The overwhelming evidence which caused disgraced Benedict-Ratizinger to step down were 1. the sex abuse scandal of priests and bishops and 2. The Vatileaks which showed money laundering at the Vatican Bank. Obama is a puppet like most politicians and doesn't do anything without the bidding of Soros.
Hugh N. Cry
Let's not forget Benedict XVI DID NOT go kicking and screaming. Rather, he went leaving much of the faithful confounded. I have no doubts there are powerful factions working from both the outside and inside of the Church, but for heaven's sake, Benny why didn't you kick some ass and take names? That's what we needed and still need. I'm a simple man however.
If this is true ,its a miscarriage of power from a president whose known for giving money to places that murder unborns ,and pursues idiologies that are not catholic ,