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Strange Meeting With Francis in Santa Marta

The French blog reports about a group of newly ordained priests in white collar-shirt, all from the same diocese, who made a pilgrimage to Rome some days ago. They asked to have …
Well, he is 'acting' the part of the 'Pope', but I agree with Angie, I don't see how he can at this point be the legitimate Pope. The heresy alone divorces him from the Church of Christ. Not to mention the way in which he was 'elected'.
Angie W.
If a heretic can now be pope it would mean that the gates of hell would have prevailed and it is impossible because the sin of heresy separates ipso facto the heretic outside the Church. And Bergoglio was a public heretic back in Argentina and the Magisterium teaches that a heretic can not be a valid Pope.
GJA Taylor
When is this pope going to go back to his humble flat in Argentina? He is a disaster - he is either a very, very bad Pope or a fool. He is not fooling Catholics however, the gift of discernment is given by God the Holy Spirit in the Sacrament of Confirmation. The faithful know he is simply a very bad old man who sadly, is the Pope.
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This is strange! Why would they say "X' to the pontiff?