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I miss that duck!
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God is infinitely simple because Love is infinitely simple. And Papacy, in its grandeur, is the answerto one simple question: Peter, lovest thou Me?
That's Saint John Paul II now De Profundis. Depressing, isn't it? He's packing a nice blade, though.
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the new or integral humanism started long before Francis it is the philosophical backbone of Vatican 2
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Remember that Paul VI sent his Tiara to the United Nations?
Remember when John Paul II praised Pachamama?
When John Paul II Praised Pachamama...
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J G Tasan
Well; pity on their poor souls...
what are Paul and John Paul going to do with the machetes?
Leading the way through the jungle.
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The smoke of satan is becoming a 4 alarm fire
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On May 14, 2020, Francis launches his "Universal New Humanism" campaign, in partnership with the UN, "aimed at a new humanism".
Schism? What schism?