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Francis Intention is to “Ridicule” the Papacy

The pseudonymous Pezzo Grosso has explained on Marco Tosatti’s blog (June 22) Pope Francis’ claim that he heard from the Dubia only from the newspapers. If this claim were true, Pezzo Grosso contin…
Bergoglio mocks the Priesthood and the Papacy instituted by Jesus Christ. What would we say of a soldier who mocks his uniform and does not obey the laws but who rebels against them. Bergoglio acts like a monarch, totalitarian dictator who rebels against God's laws.
Ivan Tomas
As my good friend Rod says a hundred times before,... he is the first pope sedevacantist!
I've been saying this for 4 and a half years, since it was obvious we have here a communist mason crypto jew, whose existential purpose is to destroy the Church