Francis Preaches "False Concept of God"

Unlike what happened in Church history, now, we shouldn't speak about anti-Christian persecution but rather about “auto-persecution” among churchmen. Roberto De Mattei writes on CorrispondenzaRoman…
False teaching. False pope.

What do you expect.
Visit , and find the truth, for salvation you have to be traditional Catholic.
When I was a toddler and was sick, my mom would hold me. The Church is our Mother. What does she do? Close and lock her doors.
I think this is punishment. Man has become so wicked in modern times he has allowed this. God sent the Blessed Virgin Mary many times to warn us, but few listened. Our Lady of Fatima apparition being the last most urgent call.
We must be careful to distinguish between the Church and her current crop of very poor leaders, Tesa The Church (as an institution created by Christ) is and always has our best interests at heart. The men leading it today, many of them, do not.