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CHURCH in CRISIS: World's Catholics Resist Pope to His Face

Text of the Open Letter to Pope Francis Rome: October 26, 2019 Your Holiness: My name is Michael Matt. I’m a cradle Catholic, educated in Catholic schools from the first grade through university. I …
You can never get the serious attention of anybody insulting him unless you are his boss or superior.
He feels the Holy Spirit elected him for his qualities.
We will have to sit him out and his successor, and then the successor until soteriologically there is another change. likes this.
Of course Mr. Mutt "gets it", BrotherBeowulf . He pushes these gimmicks to stay relevant for his audience. "Unite Da Clans!" :D Try to show some Christian charity for poor 'ole Bruce Jenner, though. He's faced with the mistake he made every time he looks in the mirror, poor thing.
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The Pope can not be resisted when he is formaly teching, if he is the Pope.
So, te principal question is if Bergoglio is the Pope.
Boring. Mr. Matt doesn’t get it. Asking Cardinal Bergoglio to be a good pope is like asking Bruce Jenner to be a beautiful woman. (Thanks Ann Barnhardt for the great analogy.)