Curia "Reform" Will Create "Super Dicastery", Further Downgrade Congregation for the Doctrine of …

The "reform" of the Roman Curia will see the creation of a new “super ministry” for Evangelization, further eroding the position of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Evangelization has …
Alex A
The papal dictator is at it again.
The leaks make little mention of the Secretariat of State, which in this Pontificate has become the dominate force in the Roman Curia (vice-pope Parolin).
The Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples is already a "super department".
yes, wouldn't you want to ensure your doctrine is right and safe before you evangelize with it? Also, can't you evangelize without re-arranging the "power structure. Is somebody worried that the CDF would have a problem with what was being spread ?? Why would that be if you are spreading the True teachings of the Catholic Church ????
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A deformer cannot reform anything. Francis teaches error by confusion as a policy. He must be avoided.
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"Evangelization has been dead in the Church since Second Vatican Council and will continue to be dead."
So sad, but so true..