Priests offer drive-thru confessions

As the Covid-19 pandemic forces churches and places of worship to close across the country, Chelmsford Catholic Collaborative found a way around the problem.
@Jungerheld The sacrament of "reconciliation" is often done face to face. Looks something like this... blog.franciscanmedia.org/…/the-healing-of-…

Having tried it, I can say it's a LOT tougher than confessing behind a screen, which at least provides the illusion of anonymity.
Where is the screen?
F M Shyanguya
If people needed further proof that this is Endgame, Harvest time. The Devil wants that when the reaping is done, he has filled as much as he can with tares the pits of hell. Hence the shuttering of the Churches and denying the faithful the sacraments.