Less than Ten Percent of German “Catholics” Attend Mass

Only 9.8 percent of German Catholics attended Sunday Mass in 2017, according to official figures released on July 20. For the first time, the number dropped below 10 percent. Germany has turned out …
Lisi Sterndorfer
Secularization is widespread in Western Europe, but most people in the region still identify as Christian
Germans turned away from our Holy Lord Jesus, and now they are ruled by satan- persecuted and raped by legions of demonik Muhammads.
Same with the French, Swedes, English...
We are witnessing that either Christ is a nation's King, or demons of satan grab authority.
Christ Jesus strengthen we, your faithful ones. Have mercy upon us repentant sinners. Thy Will be done.
From what I read about German bishops, who can blame them?
Jim Dorchak
Then the title should say: "Less than 10% of Germans who call themselves catholic are actually catholic"........ Or 9.8 percent of people in Germany are catholic. ........... no surprise here.
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The German Catholic Church is a large corporation rich from the selling of its dubious sacraments, a reliable friend of the heretic and apostate, and an equally reliable enemy of those priests, brothers and nuns (via hair trigger closure if any house) endeavouring to uphold and preach and pray for the Faith.
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