Cardinal Brandmüller: German Bishops "Utterly Dishonest"

The attempt of the German bishops to allow German Protestants to receive Communion in “individual cases” is “a tactical move” in order to introduce Communion for all Non-Catholics, said Cardinal …
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Ivan Tomas
It is TIME, now more than ever, for all cardinals and bishops who still have a little bit true Faith in their hearts, and bones, to STOP questioning the heretics, deceivers, seducers, apostates & Co, - but to expose them who they really are, to condemn them all at once and forever. Until they truly repent and convert to the only one true Catholic Faith.
Confusion in the church seems to be the word
Brandmüller's common sense question really needs to be answered. In other words, a "melodramatic staging" or "kitsch" seems to be a best-case scenario.
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