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Trump's SCOTUS nominee on a conservative scale

(from Dana Loesch's Twitter)
Dr Bobus
@De Profundis

Every judge of a lower court is obligated to follow precedent established by SCOTUS. That is not the case for justices of SCOTUS.
Holy Cannoli
And there is a war ahead to get him confirmed

None of us will be directly involved in that war. This is the war that should concern all conservatives. 258*** Acts of Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters

(Especially true if, like me, you wear your "Make America Great Again" hat oftentimes when you go out. I have both white and red depending on the rest of my ensamble.) More
Holy Cannoli
Concerned Women for America, Priests for Life and March for Life,
all of which oppose abortion, issued quick statements of support for Kavanaugh, too.

"If every self-avowed pro-life senator votes the right way, Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed easily," Dannenfelser said. (Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony List)

Trump made a campaign-trail pledge that … More
@Lisi Sterndorfer I absolutely agree with you about the family image. As for the rest, time will tell. Some are saying he wasn't their preferred choice. Others are saying any of the four would be excellent. Every true Catholic and conservative can be glad Hillary wasn't making the selection announcement last night, which is neither here nor there, but does give a certain satisfaction...for … More
De Profundis
5/9/2006 - Kavanaugh: "If confirmed to the D.C. Circuit, I would follow Roe v. Wade faithfully and fully. That would be binding precedent of the Court. It's been decided by the" Scotus (He referred to precedent in his acceptance last night. Ulp.)
Lisi Sterndorfer
Kavanaugh with his two children is a lot less threatening or intimidating than Barrett with her seven: looks more like a typical Protestant family or no faith family.